Friday, 17 April 2009

Why I love Nerja

If you want to work on your Spanish, feel the sun on your skin, not have to commute (other than a short hop on foot to school) and have a truely amazing and refreshing language course - Nerja is for you!

We've always loved it. As a town Nerja is laid back, the views over the Balcon are spectacular and if you're lucky there'll be a festival or two to enjoy whilst you're there.

My daughter took to the place like a duck to water - though I suspect her enthusiasm for studying Spanish here when older (too young for the school at present) is born more from the long days spent swimming and mooching at the beach than a serious critique of the college (fair enough I guess she's only just twelve).

Her pleasure in the time we spent there; being introduced to paella, watching a flamenco show with the students in the college garden, swimming in the residence pool whilst we talked business on the patio and loving every hour spent in the sea - encapsulated the joy that I know all language students experience (whatever their age) at the college. It's good to unwind. It's great to spend time in a fabulous town. Nerja is the perfect place for the language novice to try the language on for size. You can't get lost (well you'd have to work at it). It's compact, friendly and you'll bump into other language students wherever you go. It's great for the stressed out adult, who needs a break from the frenzy of daily life as well as chance to improve their language skills.

So next time you plan on taking a week or a month or two out to work on your language skills - don't think of the bright lights of the big Spanish cities, take it down a gear or two, and be kind to yourself. If chilling when you study is your thing - Nerja ticks all the boxes!

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