Friday, 22 May 2009

A new look for Italy!

We've had a brilliant time in the office working on the new Italian Gap Year pages for the website. It's been something of a learning curve; keywords, links and SEO generally not being my forte, but I was determined to learn!

However we wanted to show case the Gap Year in Italy and didn't feel we were doing so as well as we might - then Stef (one of our CESA Gappers who has recently returned from Italy) kindly said we could use some of her photos to show other potential Gappers what a course abroad is all about. The photos were fantastic and we were enthused!

So much so we've added new details on the Italian language courses for the Over 50s as well!

Then of course the whole thing snowballed. We're really pleased with the results.
We'll see what the students think over the next few months!

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