Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What parental permission to give for a French Summer School course in Hyeres?

I have a query concerning the Option 2 'Full Evening Permission' for the French Summer School in Hyeres, France which appears to allow freedom until very late in the evening. Our daughter is a sensible girl, but I wonder which is the more common Permission for a fifteen-year-old girl?

I quite understand, giving permission only until 8.30pm doesn't seem enough, whilst the second option to 11.00pm or 01.30am at the weekend seems very late indeed, especially to British parents.

However do bear in mind that

1/ The school want to ensure the students are safe and suitably entertained, that is why on these late nights the students are taken to : Port Mirabar, the marina/beachfront area of La Londe-les-Maures
Check out the map reference on google : La Londe-les-Maures
La Londe-les-Maures is a small place where the students can shop until 11.00pm(or later at night- this is the South of France after all) they can also wander round the Marina, go for an evening swim at the beach, eat crepes, have a coffee or a coke. The students also enjoy sitting on the beach into the late evening, enjoying the warmth of the evening and chatting together.
They are taken by coach/shuttle bus by the college. In the week the last one leaves La Londe at 10.30.00pm (it takes around 20/30 minutes) to get back to the residence to be in by curfew for 11.00pm. At the weekend there are two shuttles running, so one will leave around 10.30pm/11.00pm and then again at around 01.00am. So they swim or stay chatting on the beach until late. Exact times are arranged by the Director in charge of the camp, but the students will be told exactly what is happening.

2/ This area is far safer than many locations I can think of. Remember they don't have drunkness on the street issues that UK has to suffer either. It is quite natural in the South of France for adults and children of all ages to be out this late at night.

3/ The French language students are only allowed out ONE evening in the week, and one or two weekend evenings (depending on their course duration). So they won't get too tired for school during the week.

4/ When they do go out they tend to keep together and frankly all (bar maybe one or two) of the 15yr olds will be doing this (and all of the older students).

5/ The school staff will make it very clear where to catch the bus back and at what times they will be running. They've run this for many years - so they know how to handle the situation and the teenagers.

I hope this helps.

Link : French language courses for Teenagers in Hyeres

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