Thursday, 17 February 2011

French A level Revision in Nice

With the exam season looming (I'm always staggered at how quickly it comes around each year), we know that there are plenty of you, noses to the grind stone, keen to brush up your French prior to your A level exams. When you have a limited break at Easter, it's not easy to commit to time out for a week to concentrate on just one subject, but it's definitely worth the investment. We've known past students to get a grade better than anticipated on the strength of that one week commitment!

CESA put together a special one week course so that A level students could concentrate, practise and polish their French language skills just before their exams, without disrupting their school work. We've run the programme for over 10 years and have had many happy students, some of whom return each year as A2 students (having attended as AS students the previous year).

Warning - this French A level course is no holiday! With 30 contact language lessons per week plus a cultural programme to ensure you see something of Nice and the local area and a requirement that you stay with local French hosts (so you have to speak French out of school as well) you'll come home feeling thoroughly immersed, mentally challenged and we hope totally inspired by all things French!

The A level course in Nice is our solution to meet your revision needs, and you can see past A level student comments on the CESA blog (all girls of course, the boys always promise feedback, but never seem to quite get round to it!)

French A level Course notes
30 small group lessons plus activity programme and a Saturday excursion
Aimed at Yr 12 & Yr 13 students studying for AS or A2 exams (or IB/Highers).
Max 10 students per class
Price includes French host accommodation, single room (shared room available for friends), breakfast and evening meal.
Minutes per lesson: 45


Arrival: Sunday PM
Start Date: Mon 18 April 2011
Finish Date: Fri 22 April 2011
Excursion: Sat 23 April 2011
Departure: Sunday AM

Duration: 1 week
Holiday breaks: None
Public holidays: N/A


See CESA Course Finder for current details:

2011 Course fees
Tuition & Accommodation : EUR 660.00
CESA Admin fee : EUR 45.00

TOTAL : EUR 705.00


Please note
Course fees include tuition as booked, placement test, course certificate, teaching materials and student book.

Accommodation notes
Students aged 16/18yrs can ONLY stay in private household, 1/2 brd accommodation. All options are offered to students aged 18yrs+. Shared room accommodation only available to two students booking together.

Transfers: Free arrival service from Nice airport/station offered by private household, 1/2 board hosts ONLY. Between 08.00/22.00hrs on a Sunday. Transfers are not offered for other accommodation options or at the end of the programme.

Books and materials
Materials inclusive in course fees.


So if you're having a quiet (or frantic) panic about your French prior to the A level exams, do call us - it is hard work, we expect you to put in the hours but fun is allowed (as are coffees in French cafes, walks along the Promenade des Anglais and ice cream whilst strolling around the old town). Somehow mastering the subjunctive with other A level students is just more fun when the classroom is in Nice and you can enjoy a little Riviera sunshine!

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